My Trailblazer Journey so far

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Hello Trailblazers, Though I have just started my career in Salesforce Technology and in this industry I am just one year old. But software development was something that I am fond of. I have spend almost a decade providing training and developing web applications in Java till 2020. But first thing first.

I came to know about Salesforce and Trailhead in October 2020, through a job opportunity as a trainee consultant in Concretio Apps Pvt. Ltd. In the beginning though I found it quite difficult as most of the features I had used for the first time. Though I had cleared most of the Admin Beginner module but I was unable to understand where and how to implement them, until I got some assignments by my organization (Concretio) and then after things were getting smoother and smoother.

Soon I became active in Trailblazer community which helped me a lot. Soon I got a chance as a Junior Developer in one of the project which actually helped a lot understanding the real life scenarios where I can utilize my learning. By October 2021 I became 2x Salesforce Certified (Administrator and Platform Developer 1).

Now I am working full time on real life projects, enjoying Salesforce and learning something new through Trailhead. In this journey many people helped me a lot, Trailblazer community @Abhinav gupta sir (8x MVP), my boss, better to say our leader, a person who set examples for others, taught me a lot about best practices and providing efficient solutions. Interestingly Trailhead helps Trailblazer not only to get solution for the issues they are facing, but also by acknowledging and awarding Trailblazers who are helping others. Like I got the following goodies for being an active Trailblazer -

Congratulations from Trailblzer
#CaughtBeingAwesome is really Awesome
Caught Being Awesome
Being acknowledged is always Special
Icing on the Cake

Not only that Trailhead manages a leader-board for answers given on community and feeling happy to announce that I get to the top-50 on that leader-board and luckily still there.

“100” just can take my eyes off :)

As a mentor and leader @Abhinav gupta sir not only helps us in recovering from blockers but also advises us the correct path to follow for our brighter future and career. I have learned a lot, and still learning a lot from him.

Getting inspired from him I have also started paying back to the community with my learnings, though not at a scale that he does but at a much smaller scale by answering to questions being raised in Trailblazer community. Other than him I also follow @David K. Liu. From his website to his YouTube channel to his Trailhead profile. He gives honest reviews and advises to follow along with many free tutorials to learn things especially to those who are starting their careers in Salesforce.

I have utilized following resources to learn Salesforce Technologies and wants to share it, hoping it might help someone else in his/her career.

Trailhead modules (in the sequence I opted them out)

  1. Admin Beginner
  2. Admin Intermediate
  3. Developer Beginner
  4. Prepare for Admin Certification
  5. Prepare of Platform Dev-1 Certification

Concertio Blogs (Especially @Abhinav gupta sir’s)

  1. Live Demos (Concretio TV)
  2. Open Source Contributions

SFDC99 (@David K. Liu’s Website)

  1. Visual Force Tutorials
  2. Apex Academy
  3. Success Stories (for inspiration)

So, that was my Trailblazer story till now, but its still going on. At last I would just want to say to all the trailblazers who are starting their career in Salesforce -

“There can be hard times in the beginning, time when you would feel like you’re not understanding the concepts or the use cases where you’ll utilize them, but just don’t quit, just keep on sailing ahead and after sometime everything would make sense.”

My Trailhead Profile

Thanks #Trailblazerstory #Trailblazer #Trailhead

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4x Salesforce Certified, Developer, Trainer, Author and amateur Poet Mostly writes about Salesforce Technologies, Latest Releases & programming Languages…

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Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

4x Salesforce Certified, Developer, Trainer, Author and amateur Poet Mostly writes about Salesforce Technologies, Latest Releases & programming Languages…

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